Ruckbug Outdoor Adventure Backpack

For the versatile outdoorsman who’s all about modularity when it comes to their backpacks, the Ruckbug is something we suggest they strongly consider. It’s not every day that a release offers such a unique design for the hiker, camper, or traveler. It’s what makes this all-in-one backpack so adaptable, a highly valued trait for any outdoor-centric pack.

Thanks to the Ruckbug’s innovative design, this backpack is literally two packs in one. It’s all made possible due to a detachable main frame from the bag itself that reveals a carrying system for hailing larger bulky items with ease. Its wooden frame also helps the pack stand on its own and a stretch-over water-repellant closure system with a sealing collar offers added protection from the outdoor elements. There’s also a set of side pockets with straps to enclose and secure larger items such as an ax or pair of shoes and the front lower storage keeps items such as a sleeping bag secure to the pack as well. No word on pricing just yet but the pack looks to become available by fall of 2017. [Purchase]

Ruckbug Outdoor Adventure Backpack 3

Ruckbug Outdoor Adventure Backpack 2