Rubicon Solves The Rooftop Tent Problem With A Hitch System

For every benefit of a rooftop tent, there’s an equal drawback. For instance, rooftop tents help elevate you above the dirty and sometimes dangerous ground, but if you’ve ever had to climb down in the middle of the night to use the restroom you can understand just how frustrating it can be. But the folks at Rubicon Expedition Products have the perfect solution in their Hitch Tent Rack System.

This trailer hitch-mounted system retains many of the benefits of roof-mounting — like keeping you off the uneven earth and making choosing a suitable campsite as easy as finding a place to park your vehicle. But it also does away with the downsides — like the inconvenience of having to climb up and down, the difficulty of deploying your tent, and it lowers the risk that you might cave in your vehicle’s roof. What’s even better is that the hot-rolled A36 steel and CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum rig can be easily detached and left as a freestanding structure, so you can go off-roading for the day without worrying about putting your sleeping accommodations in danger. Pre-orders open today, with pricing as low as $1,200.

Purchase: 1,200+