This Wooden Minigun Can Launch Up To 144 Rubber Bands In Seconds

If launching rubber bands at the nearest inanimate object is your idea of a good time, it’s likely you’ve pondered what it might be like to shoot 144 of them at the same time. Well, your dreams are about to come true, thanks to this epic CNC-machined Rubber Band Minigun.

The aptly-named Rubber Band Minigun arrives in two different iterations: a specialized DIY kit that allows you to build your very own example from the ground up, or a pre-built offering that arrives ready for battle. Each piece of weaponry is crafted from CNC-machined wood and allows users to fire up to 144 “rounds” in rapid succession, thanks to an integrated electric motor. It even comes with a selection of different firing modes, including single-shot, blank, and fully automatic, giving trigger-happy users freedom-of-choice when serving up 12 barrels of rubbery goodness at an optimal range of up to 30 feet. If you’re looking to pass time a bit more proactively, head to the company’s Kickstarter, where you’ll be able to pick up your own Rubber Band Minigun for $94.

Kickstarter: $94