RSPro HexaTraction Surfboard Grips

Here’s an interesting alternative for surfers looking to branch out from traditional surf wax. What originally began as foam grips for the tail of everyday surfboards, has now extended its reach up towards the nose, working to replace wax altogether. Known as HexaTraction Board Grips, these translucent hexagonal grips aren’t overt in any manner and don’t cover up your board graphics any more than surf wax. They’re temperature independent, are light and thin, and they don’t absorb water either.

Each HexaTraction features easy-to-install modular configuration and also provides UV protection and waterproofing characteristics to your board because nobody likes to look at a yellowed, sun-damaged surfboard. And if you’re worried about skin rashes from the material, don’t be. In fact, the material is less aggressive than wax and won’t force you to sport a rash guard every time you paddle out. One kit gets you 18 full hexagons, four half hexagons, and a HexaTraction star-shaped template to make installation super easy. They’re available now for around $66 per kit. [H/T: GearPatrol]
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