Royole’s Open-Source Kit Lets You Build A Folding Smartphone Your Own Way

Even just a few years ago, the thought of a foldable smartphone with a flexible OLED display was little more than an impossibly futuristic aspiration. However, the technology has quickly become a mainstream feature in today’s electronics — to the point that more manufacturers than not are working on an articulating device of their own.

With the launch of the ‘RoKit,’ Royole — the world’s first commercial foldable smartphone manufacturer — is now offering its groundbreaking flexible componentry in a first-ever open-source kit. Designed to be developer-friendly, it’s ready to use with just five simple steps, meaning that it’s accessible for everyone from novice enthusiasts to seasoned product engineers. Moreover, Royole has built the RoKit with everything you need to apply the technology in your own projects, including a 3rd-gen Cicada Wing display module, a flexible sensor unit, as well as an Android 10 mainboard and its various input accessories. Housed in an anti-static aluminum alloy briefcase (for protection and some extra cool factor) you can buy it now for $959.

Purchase: $959