Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater

The Royole 3D Moon Mobile Theater is more than just what it appears. It’s much more than a leathered, gold-laced version of the Oculus. It’s truly the most immersive AR headset in the world; a gateway to another world. It would be easier to list what this thing can’t do. Truly transport yourself with the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Royole’s Moon makes use of a special algorithm to generate an immersive stereoscopic perspective for the user, who – when he or she puts on the device – appears to be looking at a gigantic, 800″ 3D screen. It also integrates Advanced Dual 1080P FHD AMOLED tech, allowing for super-HD viewing. Images aren’t simply high res, they’ve been given a lightning quick response rate, too, to reduce eye strain. There’s no need to wear your glasses when you’re strapped into Moon; the lenses can adjust to your prescription (so long as it falls within the spectrum of -7.0D nearsightedness to +2.0D farsightedness). With an ultra high contrast ratio of 10,000:1, Moon produces vivid colors and as brilliant a gradient as any cinematic experience you’ll find. Visual immersion is compounded by audial features, like 92% noise reduction and crisp, pounding music with extremely high fidelity (under 1% distortion rate). Able to be connected by HDMI or wifi to virtually any media player – and with main stream video apps installed – Moon is the perfect video game/movie watching/music listening device, and one of the most incredible pieces of tech on the market today. It’s feels like a must have for most anyone.

Purchase: $800