Royole FlexPai Folding Smartphone

For a couple of years now, we’ve been hearing that a smartphone with a folding screen was just over the horizon. Of course, we also thought it would be Samsung or LG who would start selling it first. However, a wildcard has come out of the woodwork and unveiled the FlexPai — the world’s first folding smartphone available for purchase.

With a full 180-degrees of motion — both forward and backward — the FlexPai is an impressive specimen, especially when you notice that there doesn’t appear to be any warping of the display while folding it. Opened fully, its screen measures up at 7.8″ (a couple inches smaller than the smallest iPad), though it can fold almost completely flat in half for easier storage. And while the display is seamless when opened, closed it segregates into three separate screens (a main, a secondary, and the edge) which appear to be customizable in regards to function, notifications, etc. It also boasts dual cameras (20 and 16 megapixels each), an intuitive unique operating system, and the ability to take calls whether folded or unfolded. Not on the market yet, the pricing starts at $1,318 — though it remains to be seen if the high cost is worth it.

Purchase: $1,300