The Royal Mail Is Releasing A Massive James Bond Stamp & Souvenir Collection

While the character of James Bond is adored the world over, the super spy’s native UK possesses an even greater affinity for the Omega-watch-wearing, Aston Martin-driving secret agent. So much so in fact, that England’s Royal Mail postal service has just rolled out an expansive new line of James Bond-themed offerings.

Ranging in price from $0.39 to $257, the collection includes a total of 39 items that includes envelopes and stamps, stamp books, postcards, framed special edition prints, limited edition stamps made from 925s silver, a set sold in a metal briefcase, and a few Bond-themed novelty items such as a Secret Dossier. The primary offering from the collection is a six stamp set featuring the last six actors to take on the James Bond role — Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, and of course, Sean Connery. Obviously, the stamps are only accepted on UK soil, though they nonetheless make for great collector’s items. The entire collection is currently available for preorder, with an official release date set for March 17, 2020.

Purchase: $1+