Royal Enfield Continental GT ‘Arthur’ By Bandit9

Usually, when a bike customizer chooses a project, they do so of their own volition. On rare occasions, however, big-name brands will reach out to an especially talented builder to make something special. And that’s exactly what happened with this Royal Enfield-commissioned Continental GT cafe racer by Bandit9.

Now, the donor bike is certainly not a bad looking moto — but it pales in comparison to the magnificence that Bandit9 imbued into it. Based around a 535cc engine, this beauty is chromed-out from tip to tail with mirror-polished surfaces. That includes the custom tank, frame, cowl, headlight, forks, handlebars, exhaust, and more — save the touches of premium leather on the bars and seat. But she’s not just a piece of art; she’s also perfectly functional with 29.1 horsepower, 32.5 foot-pounds of torque, and a top speed approaching 95 mph. Best of all, she’s not one-of-a-kind. In fact, nine have been built with five still available for purchase at a price of $19,800.

Purchase: $19,800