Sinroja’s Nitrous-Powered Drag Bike Intimidates And Inspires

Photos: Marc Holstein

For custom motorcycle builders, the difference between a deadline and a missed opportunity are often correlated. While most take to the modification table for enjoyment, there are times when punctuality is key — and with only four weeks to redesign, reevaluate, and rebuild one of Royal Enfield’s flagship bikes, Leicester’s Sinroja Motorcycles had to move fast.

After contacting Royal Enfield to secure a motorcycle for the company’s admittance into the European Sultans of Sprint race, Sinroja was gifted a brand new Continental GT 650. However, by the time the bike had arrived, the team had only four weeks to complete not only an aesthetic revision but a performance-oriented rebuild, as well. Drawing inspiration from one of their previous projects, Sinroja pulled an entirely new front-end setup from their collection of repurposed parts, giving the cycle a tight, defined presence. The GT’s rear suspension was also removed. Instead, a custom-fabricated hardtail made from lightweight Reynolds tubing was implemented, cutting weight and extending the bike’s wheelbase. Below the seat, a bespoke nitrous system (laced by Trevor Langfield of Wizard of NOS) pumps insane power into the Continentals’ revised engine, which features new injectors, custom pistons, cams, and an ECU upgrade.

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