Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise Spans All Seven Continents

Photo: Royal Caribbean

Coming off of a year too tumultuous for world travel,  Royal Caribbean is looking to make up for the lost time. Seeking to marvel all those willing to set sail, the Miami-based cruise line has announced their Ultimate World Tour package, which serves as a first-of-its-class offering that will span each of the seven continents.

Broken up into four distinct segments, the mind-bogglingly lengthy 274-day trip around the world sets sail on December 10, 2023 in South Florida, and then starts off with their ABCs in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. This is followed up by an unimaginable pitstop to admire Antarctica’s frozen beauty, as it then continues its way through South America, with highlights including ringing in 2024 in Rio and a world-class glance at Machu Picchu, making for a pair of the world’s seven wonders. On February 11, this leg of the cruise will come to a close in Los Angeles. Next, a lush tour en route to Asia will include stops on the beautiful beaches of Moorea and Tahiti, later making its way through New Zealand, Australia, and Bali and making stops at the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China before ultimately rounding things out in Japan. The next leg takes place through the Middle East and Meditteranean, kicking off in Dubai before making way for breathtaking landmarks like Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza and Rome’s Colosseum. This portion comes to a halt in Cannes, with its fourth and final act welcoming guests to Barcelona, Morocco, and St. Petersberg, among others. Finally, prior to heading for Miami and closing things out on September 24th, 2024, guests will spend a late-summer day in New York.

This unfathomable vacation will take place on Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas ship, which features amenities like a glass-roofed lounge, exquisite cuisine, innumerable bars, and even mini-golf! After spending most of the year sitting at home, it’s safe to say many of us have earned this vacation; now, it’s just about finding the time to take it. Bookings can be made through Caribbean Cruises, with prices starting at $54,899 per person.

Purchase: $54,899+

Photo: Royal Caribbean