Rovr Rollr All-Terrain Cooler

Both Yeti and Pelican make some truly badass adventure coolers with great ice retention and impressive toughness. But they lack pretty severely when it comes to portability. The Rovr Rollr, by contrast, is just as resilient and well-performing, but it has a major leg up: all-terrain wheels.

Available in three sizes – 60 quarts, 80 quarts, and a special made-in-Colorado 85-quart edition – each Rollr comes with a pair of 9″ puncture-resistant tires, which perform well on any terrain (even sand). These coolers can also retain ice for a whopping 10 straight days, feature a wealth of optional accessories (including a bike towing rig, cupholders, a cutting board, and more), have bins for dry freeze storage, and are even certified bear-resistant. From the farmers market to the most remote campsite, the Rovr Rollr has got you covered. Pricing starts at $399.

Purchase: $399+