ROUX & Pininfarina Join Forces On A Water-Cooled Carbon Fiber Race Helmet

First launched in 2014 by a pair of ex-racecar drivers, ROUX Helmets is a small company specializing in high-end auto-racing lids. The boutique brain bucket business already offers its flagship R-1 model in a variety of constructions (fiberglass, Kevlar/fiberglass composite, carbon fiber), though ROUX has just announced its second new model release: a brand-new carbon fiber-shelled unit designed in collaboration with legendary automotive designer and coach-building outfit, Pininfarina.

Slated for an official release in October of 2020, the forthcoming helmet retains all of the tricky features found on ROUX’s existing offerings such as its integrated hydration system, Bluetooth helmet comm system with noise-canceling capabilities, emergency quick-release system, HANS anchors, and the company’s proprietary COOL-X integrated water-cooling system which circulates the liquid around the shell at a constant 52-degrees. The new helmet will be available in multiple-specs including a closed cockpit-style item called the GT, and an F1-style open-cockpit helmet dubbed the “Formula Helmet”. SNELL, ABP, and FIA-rated/approved, the helmet will reportedly be priced starting from $1,200 up to $5,000. Interestingly, this isn’t Pininfarina’s first foray into the world of helmets, as in late 2009 it unveiled the “Air Flow” which also aimed to address the over-heating issue common to racers, though its new joint-effort with ROUX not only takes this concept to the next level but has managed to bring a production version of it to market while doing so.

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