Roush RST EcoBoost Ford Mustang

After over twenty years of putting out amazing automobile upgrades from his Michigan auto-shop, Jack Roush shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. The man and his team have been able to make a name for themselves because of their ability to focus as much on what is under the hood as they do on the aesthetics of each vehicle they customize. This matte military green Mustang RST is the perfect example.

Foregoing the age-old mantra of “no replacement for displacement” Roush worked with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four cylinder engine, and with some fine tuning was able to churn out 511 horsepower and 465 pound feet of torque. With every great engine, however, you need a good set of brakes – so the Roush team threw on Brembo calipers (6 piston on the front, 4 on the back) along with a set of VPS-308 wheels fitted with Pirelli P Zero tires. The exterior has been given a treatment that resembles a fusion between a tank and a jet, while the interior seats get a nice leather wrap and a contrasting red shift knob to boot. Built to rip up the pavement, this thing is one of the best looking Stangs we’ve seen in a while. [Via: GT Spirit]

Matte Military Green Mustag RST

Matte Military Green Mustag RST 2

Matte Military Green Mustag RST 3

Matte Military Green Mustag RST 4