Rotopax Fuelpacks

Outdoor adventures can be a killer time to get away and unplug from our technology-driven lifestyles. Be it over a weekend or a full-on multi-week getaway, the benefits derived from spending time away far outweigh the negatives. However, for those who wish to mitigate these negatives from their trip, especially when it comes to transportation, there are the Rotopax Fuelpacks.

This fuel cell system provides users the ability to carry extra fuel either on or off-road. Be it on a motorcycle, ATV, or any number of off-road vehicles, these packs offer security in the form of fuel in case you’ve burned that full tank quicker than anticipated. The exclusive modular locking system allows you to customize each pack according to individual needs thanks to their thick walls, reinforced structure, and specialized plastic barrier material. No matter where the road less traveled may lead, these packs will always keep additional fuel at the ready. Sizes vary between one to four-gallon carrying capacity. Prices start at $60. [Purchase]