Room & Board’s Urban Wood Project Uses Material from Demolished Buildings

In an effort to craft a sustainable collection of products, Room & Board has instituted an interesting new technique. By saving scraps of various woods from to-be demolished rowhomes, trees, barns, and other constructions along the East Coast and Midwest, the Minneapolis-based furniture manufacturer has kicked off its Urban Wood Project, and it’s filled with several noteworthy additions to any living space.

By partnering with the USDA Forest Service and Humanim, a non-profit based around social impact, Room & Board looks to deliver an environmentally-friendly collection of furniture to homes around the country. Giving newfound life to pieces of yellow pine from dated Baltimore homes, lumber from damaged trees in Detroit, as well as discarded building materials from its stomping grounds of Minneapolis, the contemporary company has put forth quite a versatile array of furniture and kitchen equipment.

We’ll start with the Baltimore-based set, which features gorgeously crafted media and storage cabinets, a console table, bookcases, and ladders, offering an incredible variety of pieces fit for any living room. Next is the Minneapolis-centric furnishings, highlighted by Minnesota’s Scandinavian design history, made clear by its unique cribbage board and a trio of minimalist coffee tables. Lastly, the worn-down trees from Detroit were rehashed into a wide array of kitchen essentials, such as glossy bowls finished with a blend of beeswax and mineral oil, as well as cutting boards and candle holders that also garnered this lustrous touch.

Needless to say, this is quite an incredible project, and we hope it’s only a matter of time until other home accent manufacturers fall in line from a sustainability standpoint. Furnishings from the Urban Wood Project are now available on Room & Board’s website, starting from $20.

Purchase: $20+

Photo: Room & Board