Roofnest Redesigns Its Condor Roof Tent For Aerodynamics & Solar Power

Heading into the wilderness with your vehicle of choice has never been as easy, thanks to the recent boom in aerodynamic rooftop tents. Roofnest, one of the genre’s most popular providers, has helped to expand the market with its intuitive, low-profile sleeping areas — and now, they’ve revealed an upgrade to their lauded line with the new and improved Condor (and Condor XL).

Regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, or year, it’s likely that you won’t have to approach a custom fabrication company to create your bespoke sleeping area in this day and age. Since proprietors like Roofnest have changed the game for prospective tent buyers — thanks to their universally-recognized systems — it’s easier than ever to slap a capable, fold-out camper onto your SUV, sedan, wagon, or truck. The Condor (and Condor XL), for example, adapt to any vehicle with ease, providing enough space for two to four individuals, and protecting them via a waterproof polyurethane-coated polyester/cotton exterior. Each model arrives with its own built-in mattress, canvas/mesh zip-closures, and a durable ABS plastic shell for unprecedented weather resistance. For 2021, the brand has updated the Condor and its larger brother with a redesigned exterior, allowing them to accommodate a solar panel for improved sustainability. Head to Roofnest to pick up one of your own for $2,995+.

Purchase: $2,995+