Rolls-Royce Wraith Luminary Collection

When it comes to luxury vehicles, nobody does it quite like Rolls-Royce – a fact that’s even more evident in their special edition offerings. As it turns out, they’ve just unveiled one of the most opulent and exclusive coupes we’ve ever seen. And they’re calling it the Wraith Luminary.

When we say ‘exclusive,’ we mean it – this run of twin-turbo V12 coupes (each with 623 horsepower) will be limited to just 55 examples total. And a tremendous amount of work has gone into creating these bespoke masterpieces. For instance, the headliner is handwoven with 1,340 fiber-optic lights – of which eight are programmed to create a “shooting star” effect across the artificial night sky. Similarly, the wooden door panels are woven with fiber-optics, a precise process that takes the folks at Goodwood three days per panel to complete. But the lavishness doesn’t stop there – the Luminary also features hand-woven stainless steel fabric in the the transmission tunnel and door panniers, Saddlery Tan fine leather upholstery, and Anthracite leather back seats. No word on price, but it’s safe to assume these cars will cost a small fortune.

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