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This NOVITEC-Tuned Rolls-Royce Wraith Is A Blacked-Out 717HP Performance GT

As the most powerful car that Rolls-Royce has ever produced, the Wraith is already something of an anomaly amongst the luxury marque’s lineup of stately saloons. From the factory, its 6.6L V12 produces a staggering 591hp, while an advanced adaptive suspension setup ensures it behaves as it rockets you to 60mph in just 4.4s. Undoubtedly impressive figures, but even they aren’t enough for the experts at Novitec.

That’s because the tuning specialist’s Spofec sub-brand has taken a Wraith Black Badge and given it an all-out performance overhaul it’s calling the ‘Overdose’ treatment. Under the hood, the lengthy GT gets a special N-TRONIC module, remapping the engine so that it now makes some 717hp and 727lb-ft of torque — enough to shave 0.2s off the Rolls’ 0-60mph sprint. What’s more, the package includes an updated control box for the air suspension, an addition that allows the chassis to be lowered by up to 40mm (1.6in) below its default ride height. When you consider that it comes decked out in a bespoke body kit with wider front and rear fenders, new aerodynamic bumpers, and a trunk lid spoiler, the result is a Wraith whose potential speaks for itself. Visit the link below for more.

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