Rolls-Royce Welcomes a New Dawn

Few companies need a face-lift less than Rolls-Royce, but they’ve been trying to give themselves one anyway; by creating a “budget” line of less expensive automobiles. The latest addition to this new, less costly Rolls family is their convertible, dubbed “Dawn.” It shall act as the entry-level top-down version of their bestselling Wraith model.

While details on the car itself are still sketchy, the company has said that the choice of the name is twofold. First, it is to show that now is a new age for Rolls as they cater to a wider range of consumer. Second, it is a reminder of their Silver Dawn cabriolet, an exclusive model sold in the early ’50’s (pictured above and below). Either way, the Dawn is a gorgeous throwback roadster that anyone with a scarf, driving gloves, and mid-century sensibility will love.

Rolls-Royce Welcomes a New Dawn 2

Rolls-Royce Welcomes a New Dawn 3