Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith

One lucky customer will soon be cruising around in a one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce called the Nautical Wraith, a yacht-inspired beauty manufactured by the luxury car company. The sporty bespoke version is built on the classic Ghost chassis with an added yacht theme to take the build a step further.

The model is painted an Arabian Blue with an Orchid White roof featuring an anchor emblem near the door handles and above the center console in the interior. Speaking of which, it’s obvious the builders had a swanky yacht in mind when designing the vehicle’s interior. A dashboard made of Santos Palisander and Tudor Oak was a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, for those interested, Rolls-Royce was unable to confirm a price for the Nautical Wraith. With that being said, we’d be willing to bet it’s way out of our price range. We can still dream though, right?

Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith 4

Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith 5

Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith 2

Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith 1