Rolls-Royce Hybrid VTOL Concept Aircraft

Rolls-Royce, not to be confused with Rolls-Royce Motors, has been building some of the world’s most powerful and reliable aero-engines for the past two decades. Currently, they are setting their minds on creating a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) concept and although it may not quite be a flying car, it does look amazing.

The planned vehicle will be powered by an M250, which has been used by more than 170 different types of helicopter and airplane models, both civilian and military. In the current design of the vehicle, the M250 will sit in the rear and will be a part of the hybrid gas-electric propulsion system, generating energy for six propellers to help passengers sail through the skies. There are four propellers on the wings that can rotate 90 degrees, in order for the aircraft to smoothly take off and land vertically, which may lead us to pack our suitcases and travel more often. Described as an air taxi, this proposed vehicle, which was presented at Farnborough, will be able to seat four to five passengers and will travel about 250 mph for around 500 miles. Rolls-Royce plans to get this aircraft built and running by the early 2020’s.

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