Rolls-Royce Ghost & Wraith Black Badge Trim

Mar 2, 2016

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This year’s Geneva Show has given auto makers a chance to flex their muscles, showcasing some of the latest and greatest from their range of vehicles. Rolls-Royce is joining in on the festivities, pulling the curtain back on their all new “Black Badge” models.

Offering up the beloved Ghost and Wraith models in a deep, dark, black paint job, they’re billing the Black Badge release as one for all of the disruptors who are looking to “change the world in their own way”. Capitalizing on the never ending trend of head to toe blackness, both luxury models receive a blacked out grill, boot lid finisher, and exhaust pipes – resulting a stellar finish that’s sure to turn some heads. The luxury car company didn’t just stop with darkening the chrome, though – all four wheels are made out of composite carbon fiber, and the body is painted with what they are saying is the darkest black ever used on a production car. The brand also reworked the interior dash with aluminum-threaded carbon fiber, but it wasn’t just about making these things look good. Rolls wanted these beauties to perform as well.

Both vehicles have seen a bump in power, with the Ghost’s 6.6-liter V12 engine now pumping out 603 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque. The Wraith produces a few more ponies with 623 HP and 642 lb-ft of torque, while both models benefit from a butter smooth 8-speed automatic transmission. This means you’ll be able to tap into all of that power without sacrificing a comfortable ride. Prices haven’t been released for this model yet, but you can expect them to cost a pretty penny.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 1

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 2

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 3

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 4

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 5

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 6

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 7

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 9

Rolls-Royce Black Badge 10

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