This One-Of-A-Kind Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Has Crystals In Its Paint

Rolls-Royce is definitely not an automotive manufacturer people would say shies away from pushing the boundaries of opulence. They are, after all, the brand that weaves an illuminated analog to the starry sky into the headliners of their vehicles. They may have outdone themselves, however, with their latest creation: a one-off Bespoke Red Phantom.

Set to be officially unveiled at a gala during Miami’s Art Basel show, this one-off luxury sedan was actually built to benefit the (RED) global AIDS charity. That means that this is likely the only Bespoke Red Phantom that will ever exist. Along with all the standard bits that make this car special — like the aforementioned headliner, suicide doors, a fully-featured high-tech luxury interior, and (of course) its 563HP 6.8L V12 engine — this singular example also boasts a Magma Red finish with genuine crystal particles added to it for extra brilliance and luminescence. The winning bidder will also have the chance to get their car wrapped with custom artwork from artist Mickalene Thomas. Bidding commences online at RM Sotheby’s starting on December 4th.

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