Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Sprite’ Concept

Sometimes it takes the mind of a child to imagine something so brilliant yet so obvious and simple that we want to kick ourselves for not coming up with it first. At least, that’s how this Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Sprite’ concept from Hodinkee came to be.

Originally envisioned by Zahid Ali — 8-year-old son of Hodinkee’s Director of Product and Strategy, Mo Ali — and mocked up by one of the watch blog‘s in-house designers, this concept watch boasts a simple and clever change that refreshes the timekeeping icon beautifully. And all it took was a seemingly-minuscule swap of the legendary blue and red Pepsi bezel in exchange for the green and yellow of Sprite. And while the playful change might not seem groundbreaking, it’s more than enough to have us wishing Rolex would actually offer up this unique and stylish spin on their famous GMT-Master II. Who knows: maybe they’ll see Hodinkee’s story and release a special edition sometime in the future.

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