Rolex GMT-Master II Meteorite Dial Watch

The business-oriented timepiece from the luxury watchmaker brand gets a unique makeover with the addition of a material that has extraterrestrial origins. The Rolex GMT-Master II Meteorite Dial Watch is a lavish take on a popular model that is a must-have for serious watch collectors.

Everything you could ask for in a timepiece is present in this 40mm model, including a Rolex in-house shock-resistant automatic 3285 movement, 70-hour power reserve, Oyster bracelet, and a 24-hour bidirectional rotatable Pepsi bezel so you can adapt to your new time zone easily. The two materials that really push this watch above and beyond are the 18k gold and the meteorite used to make the dial. The out-of-this-world dial is manufactured in-house and mostly by hand to ensure the absolute best quality. If you have the deep pockets for this Rolex timepiece, you can get one for $38,400. However, there is no word yet on when it will be available.

Purchase: $38,400