Rolex 18K Gold Daytona ‘La Montoya’ By Artisans de Genève

It’s hard to believe that a timeless Rolex model could be any more immaculate, but with the talented horological minds at Artisans de Geneve, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. The Swiss watchmaker has teamed up with renowned race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya for a dramatic reimagining of one of Rolex’s most iconic watches — an 18K solid gold, Daytona-inspired piece that’s as lavish as it is nostalgic.

For Montoya, the Rolex Daytona is synonymous with a number of his career’s biggest moments — so, in order to create the perfect wrist accessory, Artisans de Geneve has utilized the skeleton of his favorite watch as the quintessential foundation for something much more grandiose. From the introduction of a forged carbon tachymeter bezel, all the way to a custom dial that pays homage to ethanol-infused subculture, the La Montoya features a bevy of intricate design choices that have been realized by over 100 separate craftsmen throughout Switzerland. The watch’s transparent sapphire case back and polished peripherals work alongside a modified skeleton Rolex 4130 movement that’s been hand-beveled and a 21ct yellow gold rotor to bring the wearer into the realm of luxurious automotive affluence. At around $70,000 each, this 42 unit limited-edition offering won’t be around for long, so head over to Geneve’s website if you’re interested in securing your place on the watchmaker’s waiting list.

Purchase: $71,500