Rokon Trail-Breaker Dirt Bike

The Rokon Trail-Breaker has been trusted by everyone from the United States Armed Forces, to numerous big game hunters not because it’s some muscled up gorgeous looking vehicle – but because it can get the job done in the most wild terrain.

Made in New Hampshire, this little rugged monster runs on a 208cc, 7-hp Kohler four stroke single engine that can get the bike up to 35 miles per-hour. This two wheel drive motorcycle makes it so you can climb up to a 60% grade and easily pop over obstacles in your path. If you find yourself going sideways in the water, this 218 pound bike won’t sink to the bottom. Its hollow drum wheels provide flotation – or storage for extra fuel or water. If you’re looking to hit some remote trails with a motorcycle, this is the one to do it with.

Purchase: $7,350