The AI-Powered Rokid AR Glasses Let You Share Your Surroundings

Every day there’s a new device that seems to have been pulled from a sci-fi film. The Rokid Glass augmented reality eyewear is the latest in groundbreaking tech to help catapult us into the future.

These futuristic AI-powered AR glasses will allow the wearer to share their surroundings with a team member remotely, making it the perfect tech for industrial workers. In addition to sharing what you see, the glasses will inform a colleague of your location, weather, and various data all in real-time. Ideally, you’ll be able to coach someone through a process from the comfort of your own home. The lightweight glasses feature an HD OLED display, a battery with up to five hours of active use on a single charge, a 12Mp camera, two microphones, and the Android 7.1 system. There should be a launch date released soon, but you can pre-order the AR Rokid Glass eyewear right this second.

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