Roka Maverick X Wetsuit

Introducing one of the fastest wetsuits ever built, and no it’s not for surfing. The Roka Maverick X is actually the ultimate Triathlon wetsuit, engineered for competitive swimming thanks to a total suit redesign. And with a whole slew of new technology, swimmers can also expect the freest fitting suit yet.

It’s all accomplished thanks to the Roka’s intensive study of traditional arms down pattern making. Such methods are implemented for traditional wetsuit construction but since swimmers utilize the full rotation potential of their arms in freestyle swimming, Roka inverted this traditional design method, beginning instead with the arms up. The result in turn allows for zero restriction throughout each stroke. They call it Revolution X. Additional features include smart buoyancy technology, independent neck suspension, RSX power enhancement and it’s made from 100 percent SCS Yamamoto neoprene. Who knows, with a little extra training the Roka could be your secret weapon to finally placing in that Ironman competition. It’s available now for $900. [Purchase]