Rodin’s FZero Is An Ultralight 1,000HP Street-Legal Hypercar

The age of outlandish hypercars is upon us, and with it comes the exciting premise of near-undrivable four-wheeled platforms. While Aston Martin’s recently announced Valkyrie AMR Pro has enamored the motoring community since its announcement, a small outfit from New Zealand, dubbed Rodin Cars, has been working on its own monstrous concept — the featherweight FZero hypercar.

The FZero packs an enticing amount of power into its F1-inspired bodywork, boasting a naturally-aspirated V10 powerplant that’s capable of around 700-horsepower in its standard form. Tack on two of the company’s turbochargers, and you’re looking at a very respectable 1,000HP+, with the promise of an even higher threshold of 1,600 horsepower set to release in the near future. As ironic as it might sound, the FZero isn’t inherently special due to its performance numbers. Rather, it’s the vehicle’s incredulous curb-weight that has the automotive community in a frenzy. At just 1,333-pounds, the FZero clocks in at about half the weight of Aston Martin’s Valkyrie AMR Pro; meaning that, with a driver in tow, it can produce over 8,818-pounds of downforce. Aside from the car’s mind-numbing aerodynamics, an eight-speed mechanical sequential transmission developed by Ricardo, and an engine built by Neil Brown Engineering are slated to make their debut alongside the platform. And the best part: The vehicle is rumored to be completely road-legal. Keep your eyes on Rodin’s website for more information on performance figures, as well as an eventual release date.

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