RockShox Introduces the Only Fully Active Mountain Bike Suspension System

Since its inception in 1989, RockShox has been one of the undisputed leaders in the cycling suspension sector, producing an ever-more-sophisticated range of forks and shocks specifically for mountain bikes. And the Colorado company’s latest offering just may be its most innovative to date, with a smart electronically-controlled, adjustable, active suspension range dubbed the Flight Attendant Collection.

Adding only 0.67lbs (or 308g) of additional weight to the bike, the Flight Attendant Collection is comprised of a trio of fork models — the Zeb Ultimate Flight Attendant, the Lyric Ultimate FA, and the Pike Ultimate FA — plus a pair of SRAM cranksets, an AXS Controller, and the Super Deluxe Flight Attendant rear shock, all of which are equipped with motor modules and sensors. Utilizing the same battery packs as SRAM’s Reverb dropper and AXS derailleurs, the smart suspension system uses a bevy of sensors that relay information through a state-of-the-art algorithm which then automatically selects a suspension mode/setting based on real-time conditions. The collection features three separate settings with an Open Mode that affords the system’s full suspension travel, a Pedal Mode that stiffens the fork and shock to optimize movement and energy consumption while peddling, and a Lock Mode that dials the system in at its tightest rebound and damping settings. Boasting an ultra tidy cable-free design, the Flight Attendant components were also designed for all-day use, with the fork, shock, pedal sensor, and controller boasting battery lives of up to 30 hours, 40 hours, 200 hours, and 200 hours, respectively.

Thus far, RockShox is only offering its Flight Attendant Collection on half-a-dozen new mountain bike models — rather than as standalone items that can be purchased individually — including the Canyon Neuron and Spectral, the Specialized Enduro, and the Trek Slash, the YT Jeffsy 29 and Capra 29 — which are priced at $9,275, $9,275, $12,500, $12,500,  $9,499, and  $9,499, respectively. However, the parts that comprise the collection will presumably be offered a la carte in the coming months.

Purchase: $9,275+

Photo: RockShox | SRAM
Photo: RockShox | SRAM