Roccbox Wood Fired Oven

The Great BBQ Wars of 2015 have begun, where fork-armed men compete to see who can win the most “Mmm, that smells good”s from their neighbors. You ready to see your secret weapon this year? Surprisngly, it involves pizza.

With the Roccbox, we’re guessing the Joneses will have a hard time keeping up, as this compact (16.3 x 18.6 x 20.9 mm) stone oven can bake a 12-inch pie in as little as 90 seconds. There’s a compartment in the back that can be filled with either gas or wood for fuel, and at 44 lbs. it’s certainly capable of making the trip on your next adventure too. Notable features include integrated thermometers for monitoring temperature, a sturdy weatherproof construction, and a heat-up time of just 15 minutes. Pop in a pizza, a roast, or whatever else gets you drooling. You can pre-order the Roccbox now for $535. [Purchase]

Roccbox Stone Oven 2

Roccbox Stone Oven 3

Roccbox Stone Oven 4