RoboSea Robo-Shark

In our quest to create advanced robots without committing the same mistakes as Skynet, tech companies continue to make robotic animals. The latest comes from RoboSea, an enterprise specializing in underwater robots, and it’s called Robo-Shark.

Inspired by the natural movements of the underwater predators, the six-foot-long Robo-Shark travels at high speeds of up to 10 knots with minimal noise. It uses a three-joint caudal fin instead of a propeller to create motion for stealthy maneuvers, which also minimizes the use of power. Since the shell of the Robo-Shark is constructed from sound-absorbing material, the bionic underwater machine can be disguised easily. It also has a built-in omnidirectional obstacle-avoidance system to increase the fluidity of its operation. The Robo-Shark’s battery lasts for two hours and it can travel down to 300 meters to explore and study sea life. RoboSea’s new machine should be available soon for professional sea data collection.

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