RoBattle Combat Robot

With all the gossip about American self-driving automobiles in the news recently, it’s refreshing to see an autonomous vehicle in production that’s actually worth discussing. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) manufactured what they’re calling the RoBattle that’s intended use is to serve as a decoy or for surveillance missions in conjunction with their ground operations.

According to IAI, the RoBattle looks to get fully integrated with tactical forces in both mobile and dismounted operations as well as serve as support for intelligence, armed reconnaissance, convoy protection, ambush, and attack. One badass vehicle is you ask us. It’s equipped with a “robotic kit” that includes vehicle control, navigation, RT mapping and autonomy, motion sensors, and mission payloads. RoBattle operators can house manipulator arms, remotely controlled weapons, and radars on this six-wheeled robotic vehicle as well. It’s believed to play a significant role in the future market of ground robotics and from a civilian standpoint looks just as menacing as it does enticing. Are they for sale? Probably. Can you afford one? Probably not, unless your income matches that of Israel’s GDP.