Roam Elevate Robotic Ski Exoskeleton

It seems like not too long ago exoskeletons could only exist in sci-films like Aliens, but now they’re popping up everywhere to help us live our half-man, half-machine action-packed dreams. The Bay Area robotics company Roam is crashing the exoskeleton scene with a device built to upgrade your skiing prowess dubbed Elevate.

The Elevate Robotic Ski XO will increase your quad strength, allowing you to cut through powdery ski slopes with precision, execute turns with ease, and endure longer ski sessions by decreasing muscle fatigue. The device is built with sensors and intelligent software capable of analyzing the user’s objective to adjust torque at the knees automatically thanks to air actuators that replicate your quadricep muscles. It’s made to constantly adapt to your body’s motion so you have full control of your downhill adventure. You’ll be able to try out a demo rental of the Elevate exoskeleton starting this December at a few locations in Lake Tahoe.

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