Take The Scenic Route Every Time With Porsche’s Roads Driving App

If ever there was a car manufacturer that embodied a true and pure love of driving, it’s Porsche. With virtually no exceptions, their legendary vehicles are always built first with joy in mind. And now, they’re bringing that same mindset to navigation in their Roads smartphone app.

From what we’ve gathered, Roads is to driving what AllTrails is to hiking — meaning it’s a community-driven guide to the best driver’s roads across the world. That means it allows you to discover, rate, and share all your experiences behind the wheel with the app’s online community, presumably with the intention of instilling a deep sense of petrol-powered accomplishment and interconnectedness in all users. Whether you’re traversing the Canadian mountains or cruising through the Italian countryside, Porsche’s Roads app will take you down the most epic and scenic routes available. Best of all, it’s free and you don’t even need to own a Porsche to use and enjoy it.

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