Roadie Smart Guitar Tuner

Roadie Smart Guitar Tuner 0
The first step to becoming a girl-getting guitar god is not buying way-too-tight leather pants; it’s tuning your guitar. Roadie promises a fast new way to accurately tune your instrument and keep you one step ahead of any potential string poppage that might occur while you’re wowing ’em at the coffee shop.

The device — said to be three times more accurate than the human ear — connects to a free mobile app via Bluetooth and tunes your guitar in just a few quick steps. All the audio processing happens on the phone which sends the tuning commands to Roadie; you can completely change your settings in less than a minute, and it also recommends restringing as soon as the tone quality heads south. An adapter also lets you tune an electric guitar in quieter environments; because death metal and chai lattes rarely mesh well. Watch the video below and support the Roadie Tuner on Kickstarter.

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