Road Shower 2

Nobody likes dirty gear, or a dirty car interior for that matter. Thankfully there’s the Road Shower 2 to keep you and your gear clean without the hassle of fiddling with electric parts. Especially because water and electricity don’t mix that well.

The Road Shower provides you with pressurized water wherever you go. Simply hook it up to the vehicle’s roof rack and, and thanks to its solar-powered design the water is heated while you drive providing you with a warm shower when needed and a way to rinse off any dirty gear from the day-to-day activities. Each Road Shower holds up to 5 gallons of water, and the pressure release valve opens at 18 PSI. The piece is almost entirely maintenance free. Just fill it up with water, pressurize it, and you’re good to go. The pressurized system gives you enough power behind the hose to effectively clean everything from surfboards to mountain bikes to coolers. It’s available now for $300. [Purchase]

Road Shower 2 1

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