Rivian R1S U.S. Forest Ranger Edition Electric SUV

When Rivian first announced their Tesla-killing all-electric R1S SUV, it understandably turned heads all across the automotive industry. But while the road-going version is set to be a magnificent non-petrol-powered vehicle, digital designer Mo Aoun believed it could be so much more. And that’s why he mocked up the Rivian R1S U.S. Forest Ranger Edition concept.

With its eco-friendly powerplant — which is good for 750 horsepower and a 400+ mile range in the standard version — this 4×4 SUV is perfect for patrolling our National Forests. Of course, that’s helped in this concept by the addition of a lift kit, massive all-terrain tires, a front-end winch, a roof-mounted light bar, a grille guard, and a roof rack. The best part is, if the all-electric automaker wanted to offer this as a real option, everything can be added to the existing vehicle after-the-fact — meaning they wouldn’t even need to alter the donor vehicle before the upgrades. Let’s just hope Rivian sees this version and decided to build it for real.

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