Rivian R1S All-Electric SUV

Just a couple days ago, automotive newcomer Rivian made some big waves with their utilitarian-focused all-electric pickup truck. As it turns out, however, they had another vehicle up their sleeve based on the same platform. This one, however, is a more passenger-friendly SUV called the Rivian R1S.

In similar fashion to the pickup, this absurdly impressive electric SUV boasts a whopping 750 horsepower — courtesy of a quartet of wheel-mounted motors, which free up space under the hood for storage instead of a traditional engine. It also boasts a range of 400+ miles per charge, which is enough to go from San Francisco to Yosemite and back, and a 0-60 time of just three seconds. Where they really differ, however, is inside the cabin. Unlike it’s bedded counterpart, the R1S has comfortable seating for up to seven passengers, while still having some cargo space at the tail end. And if you still want to take this bad boy off-road, it does feature all-wheel-drive, a wading depth of three feet, and underbelly skid plates for protection against rocky terrain. Preorders are open now, with a downpayment of just $1,000 and a total price starting at $72,500.

Purchase: $72,500+