Ripsaw EV3-F1 Super Tank

Typically when we see someone make the daunting claim that their vehicle is the “the most obnoxious vehicle ever made,” we take that with a grain of salt – except when it comes to this insane tank built out by Ripsaw.

It’s the EV3-F1 Single Seater and this luxury tank is practically a rocket with 112 inches of track on the ground and 16 inches of suspension travel. We say this because unlike your standard tank, this beastly setup boasts upwards of 1500hp and .2hp/lbs power to weight ratio complements of a Hellcat motor – which is crazy when you stop and think about it. With such power at the helm, the EV3-F1 rips through the backcountry like a side-by-side. Inside, an air suspended cockpit keeps things as smooth as possible while a 5-way racing harness and seat keeps you relatively safe while tearing across the open country. Pricing starts at half a million.

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