Ripsaw EV2 Super Tank

Looking to build the baddest apocalypse vehicle on the planet, the team at Howe and Howe Technologies developed the Ripsaw EV2.

Short for “Extreme Vehicle 2,” this tank gives you everything you could ever ask for in a post-apocalyptic world. Crowned the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever made , the EV2 is equipped with a 600 horsepower diesel engine, complete with a set of treads that were designed to annihilate anything they come in contact with. It sports a stealthy black paint job with an interior that’s actually quite luxurious – for a zombie killing super tank that is. And this isn’t just some concept tank either. The team says they will be selling the Ripsaw for a price tag well into the hundred thousands (depending on options), and will take approximately 6 months to build out. Better start prepping now.

Ripsaw EV2 Super Tank 2

Ripsaw EV2 Super Tank 3

Ripsaw EV2 Super Tank 4