RinseKit Lux Soft Tote

Several years back, the post-surf rinse was revolutionized by the likes of the Rinse Kit – a portable shower that was small enough to transport in the truck bed or SUV but large enough for multiple uses. Now, the brand has taken things a step further with the all-new Rinse Kit LUX – featuring a brand new tote design.

Now, not only can you keep clean after a surfing, hiking, mountain biking, etc. but the new kit features a removable pressurized unit allowing for easy storage and a heater system that plugs into your car’s adapter. Additionally, the LUX hosts two outside pockets, a shoulder strap, quick access double zipper top, and two side handles for convenient carry in and out of the vehicle. Now, keep your camping cookware clean, your wetsuit rinsed after a session, and enjoy a warm shower – all while keeping some beers cold in the meantime. The RinseKit LUX has it all.

Purchase: $160