Ringsten Spring Bicycle Shock Absorber

We’ve all been there. You’re riding along and a moment too late you realize you’re about to hit a serious bump or pothole. If you have a conventional road bike, all of that shock is going to go right up your tailbone. Or at least it will if you don’t have the Ringsten Spring shock absorber attached.

This easy to apply seat post attachment is built to provide an extra amount of shock absorption on just about any ride. Whether you are cycling around town or going out for some early morning exercise, this simple but effective stainless steel and aluminum spring will dampen minor vibrations and soften big bumps. Want a little bit of a stiffer ride one day, and a more forgiving trip the next? No worries. The spring is completely adjustable so you can customize it to your liking. When these hit retail, they are expected to go for $50. [Purchase]