Ring’s Always Home Cam Is A Residential Security Drone That Patrols Your House

When the Amazon Prime Air delivery concept first debuted in 2013, many people saw drones as largely recreational devices. Sure, they worked great as a cool aerial escape, but there was no way we’d allow them into our residential airspace en masse. Or so we thought. In typical fashion, Amazon has made the futuristic and the unforeseeable the tech of today.

With the announcement of the Ring Always Home Cam, before you know it, you could have your own personal security drone. Given that there are only so many places in your home to install a camera, Ring developed their aerial-equipped cam to patrol the indoors and offer you unprecedented coverage. In other words, should you forget to close a window or turn off the stove, the Always Home Cam can monitor potential hazards while you’re away. Though you won’t be able to manually control the drone, it’s designed to fly in pre-programmed paths to avoid collisions, and you’ll have access to a live feed via the Ring App. And if you’re one to worry about privacy, the Always Home Cam hums while it’s filming, and the camera stays covered while it’s docked. Going on sale in 2021, it’ll cost $250.

Purchase: $250