Rimowa X Supreme Topas Luggage

One of the more frustrating things about traveling is standing and waiting for your luggage to slide into baggage claim. Because even when it does, you’re likely to mistake someone else’s for yours or vice versa. We doubt that’ll be the case for those who travel with the Rimowa X Supreme Topas Luggage in tow.

The brand with one of the most recognizable logos out there has teamed up with Rimowa to give their Topas luggage a unique skin. The suitcases still feature the classic grooved aluminum shell, TSA approved locks, and internal dividers for organizing clothing easily – but now with an red and white, or black and white colorway. Given the wild fervor over Supreme and the brand’s sky-high resale values, if your bag does end up going missing, we doubt it’ll be by mistake. The collection goes on sale April 12th.

Purchase: 1,600+