Rimowa F13 Private Plane

Rimowa, a luxury luggage company that creates some of the most well-designed luggage you can buy, has taken their design talents to another industry: the airplane industry. Their first venture into aviation is the Rimowa F13, an impressively designed private plane that comes with all of the charm and style from old school airplanes.

The Rimowa F13 private plane is inspired by old school planes of 1919, sporting a classic look, but each plane also comes with the technology and safety features used in modern aviation. The design and engineering team proudly state that the F13 was built to fly, and not just sit on display somewhere. This custom beauty is expected to begin shipping to the 1% by May 2016, with pre-orders available now. [Purchase]


Rimowa F13 Private Plane 2

Rimowa F13 Private Plane 3

Rimowa F13 Private Plane 4

Rimowa F13 Private Plane 5

Rimowa F13 Private Plane 6