Rimowa Electronic Luggage Tag

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s unexpected traffic, too much fun the night before, or your girl wanted to spend some extra with you before your flight, running late to the airport can be quite a stressful venture. Thankfully, our friends at Rimowa developed a new feature for their upcoming line of luggage: The Rimowa Electronic Tag.

These cases host a screen dedicated to displaying your luggage data. Just send your data via Bluetooth to your luggage and boom, you’re all set for check-in. Rimowa is also working on tech that will display boarding passes as well. The luggage launches with Lufthansa next month with support from other airlines to follow suit. For modern-day traveling, time is of the essence. Rimowa is working to cater to the dignified vagabond in all of us. Complimented with their traditional aluminum cases, the luggage manufacturer looks to set a new standard for convenience in contemporary sky travel. [Purchase]