Ridgid Wobbly Work Lamp

If you regularly put in work on your own home improvement projects or make a living as a contractor, you know that the likelihood of your equipment getting knocked around is high. So high, in fact, that it is really to be expected, which is why this new Ridgid Wobbly Work Lamp is so genius.

The designers of the lamp did away with a solid base and instead opted for a weighted and curved base making it so the 1,000 lumen light at the top of the lamp can easily right itself after getting knocked or hit. You can either plug it into the wall, or if you are working ahead of the electricians, you can use the 18 volt lithium ion batter back to power the light. Don’t need the full amount of juice? The push button doubles as a knob so you can dial in the exact right amount of brightness for any work situation. When this becomes available you can pick it up for around $100. [Purchase]

Ridgid Wobbly Work Lamp 1